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Moving quote calculator: how does it work?

Posted by admin March - 25 - 2013

Some of the most reputed moving companies allow the clients to get quotes about the estimated price of moving, with the help of the moving quote calculator. However, the clients must understand that this is only an estimation, as the final price would be established by the technical evaluator, after seeing the house or office from where the move is made, and also the place of destination.

While the moving quote calculator could be accurate, there are several other aspects that can’t be evaluated by this engine. For example, the presence of an elevator would ease the work of the moving company, so you should get a discount in this case. The proximity of the parking space to the exit of the house is another important matter, but also the number of fragile objects that must be handled with care.

The technical evaluator has the role of establishing all those details, and of offering you a fair price. This is called moving management, and it must be done by professionals. You might even need packing materials, such as bubble wrap, stretch foil and adhesive tape. You can choose to buy those materials by yourself, but you can solicit the moving company to give those to you, and even to help you with packing. Be aware that all those operations and materials would cost you some money, so it is a good idea to establish a maximum budget, and to stick to it.

When it comes to moving to a new home, every detail is important. Each object in the house must be carefully analyzed, so that the relocation would be a success. The plants in an apartment might be a challenge, as we all know that plants are fragile. This is why they require special care. The majority of moving companies would avoid carrying plants, but at your special request, they could move those also. Plants need water, light and a warm environment, which can’t be created in the back of a truck. Again, the technical evaluator is the person that needs to check all those details, and to tell you if his company is willing to carry your plants.

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