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Posted by admin March - 5 - 2013

Any major moving company has a website where the clients could use an engine to estimate the cost of moving. However, as there are many aspects involved in such a move, it is important for the clients to understand that the respective engine is only a moving quote estimator. The real price of moving is established when the technical evaluator comes at your home, and the price might vary with 10-20%. Let’s see what aspects must be stated in the estimator, and why it is not that accurate.

In the moving quote estimator, you will have to introduce the number of furniture pieces that you need to move, the distance between the two locations, and you will also need to say if you have an elevator in the building. The volume of the objects that must be carried can also be introduced, but for the majority of clients, it is hard to estimate this volume. Once all those details are stated by the client on the website, the estimated cost would be calculated.

However, when the evaluator arrives at the location, the evaluator might determine that things are not as good as they sound. For example, you might have a large closet that won’t fit in the elevator. In this case, the workers would have to carry it on the stairways, and if your house were situated on the 11th floor, this would mean a significant effort and a lot of time needed. The evaluator might also discover that some of your tables and closets don’t fit the door, so they would have to dismount those pieces. All those aspects could influence the price that was initially estimated.

Another aspect of moving would be the consumables. You might need boxes, bubble wrap and other special carrying devices. You might choose to buy those by yourself, or you could buy those directly from the moving company. If you also require the workers of the moving company to mount and dismount the furniture, and to take care of packing, the final price could be affected even more. However, once the technical evaluator arrives, the final price is established, and it will also be stated in the contract that you would sign with the respective company.

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