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Posted by admin March - 17 - 2013

If you have decided that you need to move to anew home, within the same city or in another state, you should start thinking about the moving company that would take care of relocation. Don’t leave this for the last days, as usually, those companies have moves planned weeks before, and you might need to pay an emergency tax, which is not so small. There are several operations that are needed to be done by the respective company before the actual move, and you should allow the moving company to prepare the process. Let’s see what you need to do if you want to avoid problems during a move.

If you don’t have the time to contact the moving company directly, you can request a moving quote by email. Of course, you will need to provide the respective company details about the move. Maybe you have large closets that you need to move, which must be dismounted, or maybe you have hundreds of books, which are heavy. Moreover, don’t forget to tell them about the fragile objects that you need to move, as those objects require special packing and handling.

Even if the moving quote by mail is pretty accurate, the presence of the evaluator is mandatory. The respective specialist would determine how close is the parking lot from the exit from the block or house, or if there is an elevator in the block. Once all those details are established, the evaluator would give you the exact quote, and you will also have to sign an agreement with the representative of the moving firm.

You might wonder why is the quote by mail needed, as long as the evaluator has to come at the location in any case. The answer is simple: the price stated by the evaluator would never be more than 10% bigger than the estimation given by mail, and in some cases, it might even be smaller. For this reason, you should determine if the estimated price is good for you, and then the evaluator could establish the exact price of the move. For the second move, you might even benefit of a discount, bout you will have to check the conditions imposed by the moving company in this case.

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